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At the Coffee Shop

At the Coffee Shop I sat down and took out my hand-phone to check my ‘SMS’, gazing around the coffee shop, still I didn’t see Ali. I look at my watch, “sigh!” He is late again. So I waited in this bustling coffee shop. Sitting beside me is a couple; they seem intense in their … Continue reading

Tea bag

Tea bag It was a lovely afternoon as I was sitting enjoying a cup of Lipton tea. The aroma, the taste was invigorating it reminds me back to an old story, which I can never forget. I was in a dormitory in a 3-day school camp, I recalled, when one of the teacher shouted, “Boys, … Continue reading


Life is difficult, you say – what is easy? Tell me, Joe. Look around and see for yourself you have to work, just to survive. Success doesn’t happen overnight – you have to put effort, commitment and hard work if you really want to achieve your dreams. You know, many successful people really work their … Continue reading