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Free Fall

The world is like a drug, too many distractions that can put your mind in a state of delusion. The successful people are the ones that are sober in this world. They are the ones that are able to focus and achieve their goals. Advertisements

Three important life principle

If you read it carefully you will find that it carries deep meaning in life: He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right – Confucius These have been true in life, read it carefully, again and again. You will know why you are not achieving your dream in your life yet. … Continue reading

The 3Ps: Ways of handling people

People – this is one part of my topic of the 3Ps (People, Product and Passion). In fact, you face and deal with many people in your daily lives. In your work and play. So how people deal with people and how do you handle people?

Ready or Not? – The Brave New World

In this brave new world. Internet has been an integral part of our daily lives, be it for work or play. I see this plethora will benefit us in broadening our knowledge and opportunities in this current internet evolution and new emerging technologies. As I’m writing now, there are already a new technology in the making  and developing for the internet platform.

Many fail – How to avoid these failures

Many have fail trying … why? You have entrepreneur spirit in your soul somehow. The feeling of freedom and to be able to control your own time and earning power.

Thoughts: The entrepreneur thoughts

You have many thoughts, you think before you act on somethings. This is a good way to handle any situation, else you may act abruptly and regretting later.

The Risen Entrepreneur

‘The Risen Entrepreneur’ is the journey of an Entrepreneur. I have been there and done that, its enriching, fulfilling and pure hard work. Why do i call this ‘The Risen Entrepreneur’ ?.