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the low down

Lost focus Lost balance Whats happening to me? Something missing, something wrong? Don’t worry i’ll be fine… Is this it? God help me get through this… My body shivers, my soul is faint c’mon get myself balance again I need it, i need it bad You know how deep it feels in me I’m losing … Continue reading

Headache vs. Gym = Fever

At bucks killing time doing my concoction and down the jagged little pills – i had just walkout the headache but traces of pain is still there Ready to battle the iron and reps and sets – sweat is my reward. Oh sweet coffee please drive me through and you jagged little pills sweat me … Continue reading


Barricades, see how it all fades. Desperation always keeps us strong Life goes on and on The stars smiling what a beautiful sky In between us is a wall Be strong and be bold There is a battle field History never fail to repeat Time will tell when it all ends

Powerful Statement

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary. – Steve Jobs  

See you next year… 2012!

Jingle, jingle that bell Merry, merry all around Ho, ho, ho… ho, ho, ho… Spread it all around Light those trees and send your greet The year is ending let’s celebrate Forget the past make it fast Let’s be nice and enjoy the ice 2011 is going to clear 2012 is coming near See you … Continue reading


No matter how bad, good or worse You’ve made the choices Happiness is inside not outside The outside can never make you happy

I write, I write

I think I write I play I write I rest I write

Thoughts of my dreams

Thoughts of my dreams seems scary and weird I’m now awake and back in reality But the aftermath keeps rewind in my mind It seems surreal

Battle of Fear

Take the bitter ordeal as a medicine to heal your inner fear Whatever it is you are never at loss Life is bigger than your tiny little world You have many fears but little love Fears that scares you to leap to your opportunity


Blinded Sometimes we are blinded by the distraction of the world It’s never easy when the external temptations are stronger than the internal How are we to grow old gracefully when we still hold tight to the world?