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Headache vs. Gym = Fever

At bucks killing time doing my concoction and down the jagged little pills – i had just walkout the headache but traces of pain is still there
Ready to battle the iron and reps and sets – sweat is my reward.
Oh sweet coffee please drive me through and you jagged little pills sweat me up!!
My fight against the bars the bells the irons when headache tornado hit me like there is no tomorrow – while I seek refuge at bucks to equip myself with the supplements.
Sipping down americano black no sugar only cinnamon. Today the bars and the iron and the headache has no mercy on me. And the coach will be busy programming my program as best as he could so not to disappoint me no matter how he will fail to say NO as he is a YES man!
Half an hour to go and my heart is not beating as hard as my head – it is pounding crazy all the way.
And my black coffee seem to never go shallow as I sip down is it me or the crazy music they play.
My muse to distract the pounding headache has help a little. Thank you – black coffee you caffeinated dark liquid you work your magic through out me – thank god!
The enemies are waiting and they have no heart no beat they are cold and heavy – the mirror witness every of my gritting and biting moments when I lift and pull and push while i flex my muscles to the max.
Heart and head seems to be out of sync and out of fuel. The body needs instructions – desire will have to drive this through for now.
Legs all set to step out to battle it’s only 50-m away.
Gym here I come!!

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A Thinker. A Writer. A Journey.


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