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Poetic Prose

Battle of Fear

Take the bitter ordeal as a medicine to heal your inner fear
Whatever it is you are never at loss
Life is bigger than your tiny little world
You have many fears but little love
Fears that scares you to leap to your opportunity

You only have one thing and that is courage
Something you can’t see or touch
You only had to listen to your heart

But when you look back its clear now
You saw the opportunities in life
You even had a chance to see the world outside
All this through your love ones voices and your courage

Today in your little world, it’s still never was a safe place
It still scares you big time
Fear, pride and ego will never get tired to distract you
They only make the evil out of you

And the devil hasn’t put his act to work yet
And you already drowning in the battle of your own fear

This poem was written to inspire a friend who has many fears to move on and achieve his dreams.  


About Haim Razat

A Thinker. A Writer. A Journey.



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