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Sometimes we are blinded by the distraction of the world
It’s never easy when the external temptations are stronger than the internal
How are we to grow old gracefully when we still hold tight to the world?

Does it really matter? Even if we don’t want to follow the honest truth of our hearts
Why are we so afraid to hold the faith, to trust our guts and be strong internally?
Ignorance is bliss and this effect, violates the nature and ruin our lives

How painful it will be when there’s no turning back regretting every step
What’s the point now?
Temptation and ignorance are never easy to leave, it’s invisible yet tactile

Why are my head and heart always arrogant, ignorant, and forgetful?
I felt many of us go through the same thing in this same world
All the problems, the fights the issues of the world, boil down to the very basic foundation that was lost.

– – This prose was written when I discovered how arrogant, ignorant, forgetful and blinded we humans are. We need to come back to the basic and practice to remind ourselves all the time. But how do we do this? Ignorant, arrogant and taking things for granted in lives are so easy to happen, some go by unnoticing. The only remedy I discovered was when I prostrate and put my forehead to the ground, it strips down all my arrogant, ignorant, forgetful and blindness as a human being – It reminded me.

Finally, i received a sad news right after I put up this post. My homage to the greatest icon that had just passed away. To Steve Job, I bid you farewell. You are insanely great in what you do. You are one of my greatest icon that has motivated me in some ways. “Goodbye, to you and may you rest in peace”.


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