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Short Stories

At the Coffee Shop

At the Coffee Shop

I sat down and took out my hand-phone to check my ‘SMS’, gazing around
the coffee shop, still I didn’t see Ali. I look at my watch, “sigh!” He is late
again. So I waited in this bustling coffee shop. Sitting beside me is a couple;
they seem intense in their conversation. The smells of their perfumes are
strong. I try not to look at them, feeling a little bored, I let the nosy “Kay Poh”
of me loose – I eavesdrop. Fiddling on my phone as if, I was not listening.

“Just be honest, ok! If you are married just say so!” said the lady

“No! I’m not. Who told you this?
The guy replied.

“Jason, told me this, ok” her voice tremors, I wonder who is that Jason?

“Please, lah. Don’t trust that Jason”

“Don’t lie, ok! He is your best friend”, she said.

“Who says?” the guy denies it.

“Hello, drink! What drink you want?” the coffee shop uncle startled me. It
took me off from listening, for a while.

“Drink? Come, Lai…! What you want?”

“Uncle, give me Coke!” I replied in an instant.

The couple wasn’t distracted. They were as if in their own world, they
ignore my presence. I continue to listen – as it gets interesting.

“Look here! You can listen to that bastard all you want, ok, but if you
really love me? Stop listening to his cock and bull story!”

“And, let me deal with that bastard, ok”

“Ok, fine. You go and ask him or whatever, I don’t care! Anymore”

“This is what you say, now”

“If this is true, I want to end this relationship right now, ok!”

“Bro, sorry I’m late”, Ali, pat my shoulder from behind. He is finally
here, sigh!

I look at him and say: “Oh man! You’re late, bro”. But inside of me,
actually enjoy the wait – eavesdropping.

“Sorry, bro let’s go!” Ali wanted to drag me away, quickly.

“Ok, let me finish my coke, first”.

I drank up, feeling reluctant to leave from the exciting conversation.


About Haim Razat

A Thinker. A Writer. A Journey.



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