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Poetic Prose

Too Much

Too much

Too many times it will turn out the other way round
Sometimes you wonder what or where went wrong
The beauty part is yet to come

Problems are opportunity they say
Insipid is a dull life
Tell me man, show it man

Nothing is constant we are all in a high and low
Begin to trust yourself and love yourself
The surrounding change, faster than your memory

Look around and look around again is it too much
Get away and get away get around and get around
Keep moving and moving don’t stop

Stop counting, stop pointing, stop saying
Feel it, taste it, see it and it all come together
A scratch on the face, dust in the eyes, the heart smile

I’m not proud at all, hey, let it go
It will become a past somehow just a past
Know not to know too much


This prose was written about not knowing too much sometimes is good, there are times it is good to let somethings happen naturally the way it is meant to be. Sit back look at it and see how it fly, make it or break it, let it go. This is where one also learns. Life is beauty in itself at times.


About Haim Razat

A Thinker. A Writer. A Journey.


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