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Second Chance

Second Chance Been waiting for that second chance Spent all time mending the broken A cold and long road You’ll find some comfort somehow Through all this endless adversity Even if the storm keeps chasing Never been so jaded the world seems faded Take a breather and feel free Find that energy to move on … Continue reading


Yesterday Yesterday was just a memory It slide so fast And it’s now just a past

Free Fall

The world is like a drug, too many distractions that can put your mind in a state of delusion. The successful people are the ones that are sober in this world. They are the ones that are able to focus and achieve their goals.

At the Coffee Shop

At the Coffee Shop I sat down and took out my hand-phone to check my ‘SMS’, gazing around the coffee shop, still I didn’t see Ali. I look at my watch, “sigh!” He is late again. So I waited in this bustling coffee shop. Sitting beside me is a couple; they seem intense in their … Continue reading

Just a Paper

Just a paper You paint a funny picture I guess you hardly smile in years Things stuck in a fixture

Too Much

Too much Too many times it will turn out the other way round Sometimes you wonder what or where went wrong The beauty part is yet to come