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Poetic Prose

Empty Me

The heart beats with excitement
Eyes shimmering, the feeling of standing close to a waterfall
The soul shines, although this wasn’t the first time

Every seconds to every minutes feels like a golden moment
Is this the love and beyond
Not all have this feeling, unless their soul is truly in love

How crushed it was when the soul and the heart-felt
When all there was a quiet sound of emptiness
Nevertheless, the heart consoles the soul yet again

Where has the excitement gone to?
Where is all the adrenaline rush and affection?
The naughty lusty affection

Gone again

– This poem was written, when I thought I had it but it was just emptiness in me that I was chasing. If only my soul can walk out this body and fly. Put all my feelings, desire, etc… in a jar. Satisfying the needs just won’t last.

Love + no Make love = Flirt?
Make Love + no Love = Pure sex?
Love + Love = Angel?
Make love + Make Love = Hyper Lover?
Flirt + Sex = Scandal?

Love + Make Love = requires Mood and Energy?


About Haim Razat

A Thinker. A Writer. A Journey.



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