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Tea bag

Tea bag

It was a lovely afternoon as I was sitting enjoying a cup of Lipton tea. The aroma, the taste was invigorating it reminds me back to an old story, which I can never forget.

I was in a dormitory in a 3-day school camp, I recalled, when one of the teacher shouted, “Boys, its tea-break time” We will all rush down to the canteen to ‘chope’ seat and grab our snacks and drinks. The camping groups were big. Who ever in the first group will always get the hot ‘Milo’ and those who were in the last group ends-up getting a tea bag each. None of the campers like to have a tea.

So what the boys will do is – keep the tea bag for later tea bag party at night. What happen in the tea bag party really was more like a tea bag war; we would dip the tea bag in our water bottle and throw at each other from different teams in the dormitory all this during the lights out.

There was one incident during the tea bag party, we accidentally hit one of our teacher (Mr. Sim) he happen to come cross path the tea bag war, to check on us that night in the dormitory. We hit him right on the spot –accidentally of course, because it was dark. Mr. Sim was disappointed yet sporting enough not to get angry but instead he make us all pick up the tea bags that were used during the tea bag party. And all of us were make to drink the tea that whole night.

Having to make us drink the tea from the used tea bags only make us more excited. As some of us find it exhilarating instead, and we all felt like a ‘hunter that drinks from the blood of the animal we hunt’.


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