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Life is difficult, you say – what is easy? Tell me, Joe. Look around and see for yourself you have to work, just to survive. Success doesn’t happen overnight – you have to put effort, commitment and hard work if you really want to achieve your dreams. You know, many successful people really work their ass off to achieve their dreams and goals in order to be successful. It’s never an easy work.

There is this saying by Confucius:

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”

There’s a deep meaning here, Joe – try reading it a few times and understand it.

You will know what it is saying. So what it is trying to tell you here is – if you think it’s going to be difficult to achieve your dreams and you say you won’t make it – then you are right, Joe! It will never happen for you because your sub-conscious mind will just take it as you can’t make it and you eventually won’t make it, to achieve your dream – simple!

And if you say, ‘Yes!’ I must and I can achieve my dreams in life – you will! And you will see the changes in your life and things will also open up for you to pursuit your dreams. And you are right, too! You can achieve your dreams.

You understand the meaning so far? Do you follow Joe?

Nothing is easy in this world, Joe. The challenges you face makes life more interesting and colorful if you look at it in a different light. You need stress, problems, and adversity to make you wiser and stronger. Otherwise your life will be dull and insipid – you will get complacent, living an unsatisfied life. Do you want that kind of life? Joe. There’s nothing wrong with that type of life, but seriously, can you bear living like that?

So Joe, what is it going to be now?

“woof… woof…”
“Good boy! Atta boy, Joe“

Here’s your favorite doggie biscuit.


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A Thinker. A Writer. A Journey.


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