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Empty Me

The heart beats with excitement Eyes shimmering, the feeling of standing close to a waterfall The soul shines, although this wasn’t the first time Every seconds to every minutes feels like a golden moment Is this the love and beyond Not all have this feeling, unless their soul is truly in love Advertisements

Tea bag

Tea bag It was a lovely afternoon as I was sitting enjoying a cup of Lipton tea. The aroma, the taste was invigorating it reminds me back to an old story, which I can never forget. I was in a dormitory in a 3-day school camp, I recalled, when one of the teacher shouted, “Boys, … Continue reading


Soul I live the world through my eyes, ears, touch and smell I feel life through my feelings I see things around me through my humanly senses My work and the things I do is through my senses All seems real if I’m not awake All my senses make me alive And I’m in control … Continue reading


Life is difficult, you say – what is easy? Tell me, Joe. Look around and see for yourself you have to work, just to survive. Success doesn’t happen overnight – you have to put effort, commitment and hard work if you really want to achieve your dreams. You know, many successful people really work their … Continue reading


Time Clear as a whistle bells Whizz through the day like hell Day in day out keeping sane Nothing beats the good old bells ringing From school days to work days It’s all the same Mind spinning, some whining The streets still moving the same phase The trees are waving all the time No moments … Continue reading