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The 3Ps: Ways of handling people

People – this is one part of my topic of the 3Ps (People, Product and Passion).

In fact, you face and deal with many people in your daily lives. In your work and play. So how people deal with people and how do you handle people?

People makes people, you have to be creative and a people oriented person, to be able to weave through this people world population.

To be able to handle people you have to be delicately, sensitive, wise and creative. Unfortunately, sometimes in your lives you meet people who creates chaos in your life. Someone that make your living a nightmare and make you feel demoralise to move on. Will you let this type of people dampens your life? or do you let them just walk all over your life and rule you? Well, the answer is definitely, No! So you’ll ask how do you handle or tackle this people?

First you have to understand why this people are behaving like this and making their life and others a living hell.

The trick is not to get into their cycle of hell and madness. This people may get the kick out of getting people in their cycle of life hell as they do, without they themself even realising it. And here you are, unknowingly getting into their cycle too.

Crazy, isn’t it? well that’s what make life interestingly challenging.

“My Mama always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.'” – Forest Gump

Thank goodness, there are more positive, motivated and wise people still around in this world. And this are the people you like to be associated with, and be inspired. You want to have that fullfilling life that you deserve.

One thing you must understand as a human being, you are never in a constant state with your faith, desire and thoughts. If this were in constant state, you would be an Angel. You have your ups and downs of it, no matter how strong you are. The only way is to learn to deal with it and handle it well.

I will talk more on the 3Ps on my other article. And I’m excited to share with all of you, on my 3Es(Entrepreneur, Employee and Evangelist) too.


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