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Many fail – How to avoid these failures

Many have fail trying … why? You have entrepreneur spirit in your soul somehow. The feeling of freedom and to be able to control your own time and earning power.

But not all can succeed. Many business have fail, right before they could make or breakeven. Let me share with you 1 thing… yes, just one thing that really cause a business to fail. Its not the business, not the plan and not the competitor.

Guess what? its the internal people that manage the business, simple as that. They fail to work together as a team, they fail to compromise their egos, and too many indirect sabotaging.

These are the happenings you will see in many fail business, many companies have talked about this, why they have wind down.

One good piece of advice, ” if you can’t see eye to eye, the least you could do is see same direction”.

Avoid these and it will help you grow your business successfully.


About Haim Razat

A Thinker. A Writer. A Journey.


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