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Thoughts: The entrepreneur thoughts

You have many thoughts, you think before you act on somethings. This is a good way to handle any situation, else you may act abruptly and regretting later.

Some people may react emotionally. Its always good to pause awhile and think before you react or action on something. This will help you alot in many situation. Like the saying goes, ” wise people think alot, smart people action alot”.

I met a friend just the other day. And old and long time friend. He is a successful entrepreneur, and i had a chance to have a quick chat and asked him few questions about his success. He shared with me 2 things, on what he thinks, are the attributes of an entrepreneur.

1. “Pure Hardwork”, he said. How do you define hardwork? hard work is to work when others are busy a sleep. And you wake up early to do your thinking and planning before others start their day. And put 100% to your work and drive it hard.

2. Foresight – Yes, thats what he said. These are important for an entrepreneur. You need foresight to decide and to drive your business on a consistent basis.

Basically, these are the 2 valuable tips he shared with me. I find these 2 attributes are profoundly helpful in any business.

Next, i will write on what makes a business fail. And what are the point to avoid these mistakes.

Stay tuned!


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